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Social Studies

Lincoln: The Kentucky Years

Celebrating Kentucky's native son
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14 minutes
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Online and DVD resources explore Abraham Lincoln’s life in Kentucky. “Lincoln: The Kentucky Years” is a 14-minute video that focuses on Lincoln’s early life in Kentucky and Kentucky’s influence on his personality, values, and accomplishments. The DVD was created from the 90-minute KET documentary, “Lincoln: I, too, am a Kentuckian.” Both DVDs are available from KET. The Lincoln on KET web site provides an array of resources that can be integrated in social studies classes at all grade levels.

Web Site Contents:

  • Video and Audio Segments — 31 short video and two audio segments from KET productions explore various aspects of Lincoln’s life and career and include excerpts from some of his most famous speeches, read by actor Sam Waterston. Other segments take students to Camp Nelson, the Civil War military cemetery, and the Mary Todd Lincoln House and introduce them to sculptors Ed Hamilton and Robert Berks, who both have been inspired by Lincoln and his legacy.
  • Student Features — An illustrated timeline includes significant events in Lincoln’s life as well as what was going on in the nation, the world, and Kentucky. “FAQs (Fascinating Abe Questions)” reveals interesting trivia about the 16th president. The “Abe Across Kentucky” interactive quiz offers a fun way for students to connect Lincoln’s life to people and places in Kentucky. When questions are answered correctly, Lincoln’s top hat grows and students hear an excerpt from the Gettysburg Address.
  • K-12 Lesson Plans — 19 lesson plans and idea cards incorporating Lincoln video segments offer engaging ideas for teaching about Lincoln.

KET’s Lincoln resources were supported in part by a grant from the Kentucky Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial Commission and the Kentucky Historical Society.

Program of Studies:
Social Studies: Government and Civics, Cultures and Societies, Historical Perspective


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