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Social Studies

Kentucky’s Story

Historical perspectives on early Kentucky
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15 minutes
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Kentucky’s Story presents a re-creation of what life in Kentucky was like at different times in history, beginning with the American Indians who were here when the first white settlers arrived. The focus in each program is on what a typical 10-year-old might have experienced during the various periods. Viewers see how early Kentuckians dressed, cooked, played, spoke, and worked. The series is not meant to convey a great many facts or detailed information, but rather to give a feel for the issues and emotions of the times.

Additional information, including suggested field trips and links to various resources related to Kentucky history, can be found on the Teacher’s Guide to Kentucky’s Story web site.

Program of Studies:
Social Studies: Cultures and Society, Geography, Historical Perspectives

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2012/13 KETKY Program Schedule

101. Early Kentucky
Briefly reviews the arrival of prehistoric people on this continent and then focuses on the Indians living in Kentucky just prior to the coming of white settlers; looks at the homes, games, clothes, economy, and lifestyles of these tribes.
102. The Lure of the Middle Grounds
Examines the hopes and sacrifices of the Green family at their home in western North Carolina while "their man" is exploring the wilderness of Kentucky.
103. Survival of a People
Shows the adversities faced by frontier settlers. The Green family moves to Kentucky and suffers Indian raids, bitter cold, and other perils.
104. The Need for Statehood
Examines the problems faced by Kentucky's settlers and the inability of Virginia to provide for them; explores land claims and the resulting confusion and problems.
105. Slavery in Kentucky
Shows many of the problems and conflicts associated with slavery; explores the problems both white and black families experience when a white family takes a "playboy" (playmate) for their son; shows the use of the Underground Railroad.
106. Civil War
Examines the effects of the Civil War on children and adults; features the story of a young boy watching his father and uncle feud and his nanny fear for her freedom and future.
107. Schoolmarm
Features the story of a black Berea College graduate whose hopes are dashed when postwar prejudice and segregation close the integrated school in which she teaches.
108. Riverboats and Railroads
Explains how Kentucky's geography has affected its trade and economic development and names ways in which transportation modes have altered lifestyles and the economy.
109. The Birthday Party
As a young boy dreams about his upcoming birthday party, his ancestors appear in the dream, dressed as they would have dressed when they were children, and bring him gifts from their eras.

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The schedule listed here includes only airings on the KETKY channel. See the complete Kentucky’s Story broadcast schedule for airings on all KET channels.

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