EEO Public File Report

KET, The Kentucky Network

April 1, 2010-March 31, 2011

Prong 3 Longer-Term Recruitment Initiatives
Implemented During This Period

No. Date Initiative Description Scope of Involvement Personnel Involved
1 Ongoing Strategic Plan   Create a workforce that reflects the diversity of the population of the Commonwealth Donna Verhoeven and Ronald Brown
2 Ongoing Strategic Plan   Recruit to obtain applicants for all KET positions Donna Verhoeven and Ronald Brown
3 Ongoing Listening Projects Small focus groups in communities across the Commonwealth to discuss common issues/themes KET's Executive Director travels across the state to meet with small focus groups to discuss the issues important to that specific community. Data is gathered to determine common "themes" from around the state. Feedback is used to determine upcoming programming opportunities. Shae Hopkins, KET Executive Director
4 Ongoing KET Tours School groups from all over the state Expose elementary, middle and high school students to careers in the broadcasting industry. Students tour studio, talk to various agency personnel regarding their careers in the broadcasting industry. Deborah Harris, coordinator. Tours led by various staff, including education consultants, etc.
5 Ongoing College Intern Program Expose college students to broadcasting careers/environment Host interns from state colleges who are majoring in areas that relate to broadcasting and business for credit hours. Ron Brown and Jill Fitzpatrick
6 Ongoing Job Shadowing Expose high school students to broadcasting careers / environment Host students from local high schools who are interested in broadcasting careers. Ron Brown, Area Supervisors
7 Ongoing Education Reform Prichard Committee's PT3 (Parents & Teachers Talking Together) Facilitate conversations between parents and teachers in schools at risk in order to develop school improvement plans; 10 events thus far involving 231 teachers and parents. Kathy Day, early childhood manager
8 Ongoing Video Production Workshops Conduct workshops for students and teachers in Kentucky public schools or in the KET Media Lab. Teachers and students learn basic production skills and how they can be integrated into the classroom to enhance various curriculum areas; address 21st century skills; and provide students with a creative outlet for communicating. KET Education staff, including Jeff Gray, Allison NeCamp, Sara O'Keefe, and Education Consultants.
9 Ongoing Professional Development Workshops Presentations for Kentucky teachers and pre-service teachers Professional Development presentations provide Kentucky educators with tools and strategies for using KET resources effectively to meet curriculum needs. KET also provides training for adult and early childhoom educators, and staff members make presentations at education conferences throughout the year. K-12 KET Education Consultants: Larry Moore, Kathy Davis, Brian Spellman, Cynthia Warner; Arts staff: Teresa Day, Sara O'Keefe; other Education staff: Mary Duncan; Adult Education: Tonya Crum; Early Childhood: Kathy Day
10 Ongoing Early Childhood Training Workshops and conference presentations for childcare providers and parents Workshops/training provide research, strategies, and activities for increasing literacy skills; learning about everyday science, nurturing creativity, promoting healthy lifestyles, and enhancing the lives of children. Many events target underserved communities. Kathy Day, early childhood manager
11 Ongoing Outreach Projects Outreach for PBS and KET productions Outreach activities and promotion organized around such productions as Education Matters and programs about various health issues. Education staff

Full-Time Positions Filled
Information Regarding Recruitment Sources Contacted for Full-Time Vacancies
• Prong 3 Longer-Term Recruitment Initiatives Implemented During This Period
EEO Public File Report for KET's Louisville location

KET, The Kentucky Network is looking for organizations that regularly distribute information about employment opportunities to job applicants or have job applicants to refer. If your organization would like to be notified of job vacancies at KET, please notify Director of Human Resources, KET, 600 Cooper Drive, Lexington KY 40502, (859) 258-7103, .

KET Is an Equal Opportunity Employer.