Internship Opportunity

Digital TV Transition Communications Assistant

KET Division/Work Location

KET Marketing Division
Network Center
Lexington, KY

Position Details/Eligibility

This unpaid internship is available through March 2009. One or two interns are needed each semester. Junior-, senior-, and graduate-level students attending any Kentucky college or university and Kentucky residents attending a college or university out of state may apply.

10 hours per week (approximately 150 hours per semester) are required, although special arrangements may be made when school requirements differ.


The intern will assist the Director of Marketing on KET’s digital TV help line. Duties include the following:

  • Answering questions received from viewers on KET’s toll-free DTV telephone help line. Continuing support, resources, and FAQ lists will be provided to the intern to ensure that accurate information is conveyed to callers.
  • Data entry: The intern will be required to record the type of question received (for analysis later) and the type of answer given to the viewer (DTV brochure, e-mail answer, phone call, etc.).

Special Skills

Strong clerical and organizational skills, basic computer skills, and strong written and verbal communication skills are a must. Technologically savvy students are encouraged to apply.


Interested? Fill out our online internship application form.

Or contact:

Director of Personnel
600 Cooper Drive
Lexington, KY 40502-2296
(859) 258-7103 or (800) 255-0651
Fax (859) 258-7390