Internship Opportunity

Construction Geometry Production Assistant

KET Division/Work Location

KET Distance Learning
Network Center
Lexington, KY

Position Details/Eligibility

This unpaid internship is available year-round. One intern is needed each semester. Junior-, senior-, and graduate-level students attending any Kentucky college or university and Kentucky residents attending a college or university out of state may apply.

10 hours per week (approximately 150 hours per semester) are required, although special arrangements may be made when school requirements differ.


The intern will assist in the production of Construction Geometry, a video series of geometry lessons with real-world relevance to the world of carpentry. The intern will help with construction applications, graphics, and practice documents.

Special Skills

Preference will be given to an engineering or math education major. Knowledge of PowerPoint® and Flash® is helpful, but not required.


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Director of Personnel
600 Cooper Drive
Lexington, KY 40502-2296
(859) 258-7103 or (800) 255-0651
Fax (859) 258-7390