The Dillards

Not to be mistaken for their television alter egos, the Darlings, the Dillards are one of bluegrass music’s true crossover successes.

In the fall of 1962, several young bluegrass musicians from the Missouri Ozarks made their way west to Los Angeles. It proved a good move. Calling themselves the Dillards, they went on to record numerous albums, appear on television, garner Grammy nominations, and ultimately make their mark on the burgeoning California country-rock scene, which produced such groups as the Eagles and Buffalo Springfield.

However, the Dillards are best known as members of the Darling family on The Andy Griffith Show. The Darling family, led by actor Denver Pyle, became series regulars and performed many of their hits within the context of shows’ plots.

The Dillards have achieved unparalleled success for a bluegrass act. Their crossover potential has landed them on the stage with a diverse list of acts, including Elton John, Bob Dylan, the Ventures, and Paul Revere and the Raiders, to name just a few. The Dillards also appeared often on television. In addition to their recurring role as citizens of Mayberry, they have appeared on Shindig, The Judy Garland Show, Playboy After Dark, The Joey Bishop Show, and Where the Action Is.

This artist appears in Jubilee #512: The Dillards.