Vince Combs and Shadetree Bluegrass

Fans of old-time, classic bluegrass music in the tradition of Bill Monroe or Flatt and Scruggs will be happy to know that, thanks to some young purveyors of the timeless sound, the genre is alive and well.

Outfitted in traditional bluegrass attire—complete with cowboy hats and string ties—Vince Combs and Shadetree Bluegrass have a traditional bluegrass sound to match. The members of this ensemble from Xenia, OH pride themselves on preserving the classic look and sound of the bluegrass made famous by the father of the genre, Bill Monroe himself.

The group’s rousing Jubilee performance, taped at the 2000 Osborne Brothers Hometown Festival in Hyden, KY, will satisfy viewers who can’t get enough of classic bluegrass’ unmistakable blend of banjo, mandolin, and spirited vocal harmony.

This artist appears in Jubilee #607: Crossroads/Vince Combs and Shadetree Bluegrass.