Ernie Thacker and Route 23

One of the finest singers in bluegrass music today, Ernie Thacker has a classic sound, an energetic stage presence, and a commitment to professionalism that have earned notice from veterans of bluegrass. He draws his listeners into the song and connects with them through understated yet heartfelt vocals. And his band, Route 23, is a group of talented and versatile up-and-coming players. Together, they create a high-energy show of hard-driving mountain bluegrass.

This artist appears in the following Jubilee programs:

Ernie Thacker and Route 23/New Tyme/Rowan County Ramblers (#708)
A former lead singer for Ralph Stanley plays a fusion of bluegrass, country, and gospel with his own band.
Ernie Thacker and Route 23/Dry Branch Fire Squad (#806)
High-energy traditional bluegrass from two groups of young up-and-coming players.