Nick Moss and the Flip Tops

Raised outside Chicago, Nick Moss discovered his passion for the blues as a high school student. During a six-month hospital stay for a kidney ailment, he spent most of his time practicing on a bass lent to him by his older brother, guitarist Joe Moss. At age 20, Nick was asked by guitarist Jimmy Dawkins to perform with him on the road, and that experience led to an invitation from former Muddy Waters drummer William “Big Eyes” Smith to join him on tour.

Moss spent the next four years playing with Smith, whom he calls his “second father.” His time with Smith, along with three years as Jimmy Rogers’ second guitarist, immersed Moss in the postwar Chicago blues ensemble sound, a hallmark of his solo work. As frontman and songwriter of Nick Moss and the Flip Tops, Moss is finding that his years as an understudy are paying off.

“Nick Moss is one of the best living arguments for learning blues the old-fashioned way—paying one’s dues in the services of the masters—that there is,” wrote Blues Revue.

As of their Jubilee debut, Nick Moss and the Flip Tops had released three recordings: First Offense, Got a New Plan, and Count Your Blessings.