Kelly Richey

Kelly Richey and her band have secured a reputation as one of Kentucky’s premier blues-based rock outfits with distinctive recordings and exciting live shows.

As a teenager growing up in Lexington, Kelly practiced guitar constantly, honing her playing skills and learning more about the blues roots of her rock idols. Through guitar, song, and vocal, she learned to express the ups and downs of ordinary life through the power of classic electric blues music. Today she is often compared to Jimi Hendrix and Stevie Ray Vaughan because of her emotive guitar leads and powerful vocal style. In fact, one critic described her as “Stevie Ray Vaughan trapped in a woman’s body with Janis Joplin screaming to get out.”

Since establishing her own label, Sweet Lucy Records, Richey has released nine albums as both a solo artist and with her band. The Kelly Richey Band, featuring David Clawson on drums and Jimmy Valdez on bass, tours extensively to bring an electric live experience to venues throughout the U.S.

This artist appears in Jubilee #1112: Kelly Richey.