Kati Penn

Lexington, Kentucky native and acclaimed vocalist and fiddler Kati Penn has followed the path of the professional musician for over half her life. Drawing from her experience as a stage performer, recording artist, and fiddle teacher while leading a group of talented, enthusiastic musicians, Penn and crew have developed a truly unique sound well steeped in the folk and bluegrass traditions. Listening to the Penn Penn band also carries the feeling that these are great friends enjoying the opportunity to perform great music together.

The group consists of bassist Paul Priest, Robin Roller on banjo, and guitarist CJ Cain, a bluegrass convert from an electric blues background and also Pennís husband. The bandís influences are diverse: They site everyone from Tony Rice and J.D. Crowe to Wilco, the Flying Burrito Brothers and R.E.M. Nonetheless, with subtle innovative touches, this original ensemble remain true to the bluegrass aesthetic in all their offerings, complete with beautiful harmonized vocals and energized instrumental accompaniment.

This artist appears in Jubilee #1202: Kati Penn/Relic.