The Cumberlands

With over 40 years of experience performing folk, bluegrass and country blues inspired music, The Cumberlands bring to the stage a seasoned level of musicianship and knowledge of America’s traditional music heritage. Their repertoire includes a diverse collection of classic and original tunes, from fast paced bluegrass to mournful gospel ballads, traditional folk songs to more contemporary, bluegrass inspired compositions.

Multi-instrumentalists Harold Thom, Betty Thom and Jim Smoak began the Cumberlands as a trio that shared a passion for traditional American music, specifically derived from the folk and bluegrass traditions. With various additions to the lineup, the group has opened for the Kingston Trio, performed numerous times at the Grand Ole Opry, enjoyed several network television appearances, and visited nearly every state in the nation. With 12 albums and 40 years of hard work on the scene, the Cumberlands deliver a showcase of highly practiced and skilled bluegrass found only in such expert hands and voices.

This artist appears in Jubilee #1207: The Cumberlands.