Timberline Drive

The assembly of hardened bluegrass veterans known as Timberline Drive brings a level of skilled expertise to the stage—the result of years of performing and recording together and with other well known groups. Hailing from Bowling Green, the group features Louise Miles on bass, Earl Grubbs on dobro, Randy Saltsman on banjo, and Joel Whittinghill on fiddle and mandolin. Each member plays his or her instrument with a masterful effort, demonstrating a depth of knowledge in the history of bluegrass and a desire to carry this cherished tradition to audiences.

2007 saw the release of their debut album “Drive Time,” featuring a collection of traditional tunes and original work. The group toured throughout Kentucky, Tennessee and Indiana in support of the album, with a highlight performance at the Kentucky Opry. Timberline Drive’s precision playing and traditional arrangements are sure to impress any fan of classic bluegrass music.

This artist appears in Jubilee #1305: Timberline Drive/Jake Quesenberry & The MacRae Brothers.