Professors of Bluegrass

Following a mutual love of performing bluegrass music and a deep appreciation for the form’s rich history, a group of Yale professors, led by Dean Peter Salovey and psychology professor Kelly Brownell, created Professors of Bluegrass in 1990. An exciting addition to the campus community, the original lineup lasted for a short while until a new incarnation formed, enjoying great popularity in the region from 1996 to 1999, when the profs disbanded once again. Now, thanks to returning members, new additions, and a resurgence of the passion for the music that unites bluegrass fans and musicians everywhere, the Professors of Bluegrass have returned to the stage.

The Professors of Bluegrass’ new lineup includes founding member Peter Salovey on bass and vocals, Katie Scharf on fiddle and vocals, mandolin player Craig Harwood, Sten Havumaki and Josh Viertel on guitar and vocals, and banjo player Oscar Hills.

The group performed at Owensboro, Kentucky’s 2007 ROMP festival and continues to play locally and at various events throughout the bluegrass circuit. A true audience favorite, the Professors are proof that the language of music and the exciting forms and traditions of bluegrass can compel anyone to pick up the knack and play.

This artist appears in Jubilee #1306: Professors of Bluegrass.