Burchett, Morgan & 5ivespeed

Banjo player Elmer Burchett and mandolin player Roscoe Morgan, Jr. enjoy the combination of high-speed attitude and the up-beat, energetic side of traditional bluegrass. Both musicians share extensive backgrounds in the world of Bluegrass. “With a name like Elmer, it just figured I’d be pickin’ banjo sooner or later,” jokes Burchett. Growing up he quickly discovered his personal gift to write and play bluegrass, though his style has remained true to the motto—“Keep it simple.”

Morgan, who lives in Maryville, TN, while sharing the same heartfelt connection to the traditional sounds of bluegrass, also enjoys the exciting energy of heavy metal and classic rock. Though he’s quick to separate these interests (especially on stage!), he also cites these other forms as influences for 5ivespeed’s “high intensity bluegrass.”

Having played with groups such as Pine Mountain Railroad and Dale Ann Bradley, amongst others, the duo came together with a shared vision of a group that could consistently deliver high-energy performance, cutting edge sounds, and hard-driving traditional bluegrass.

This artist appears in Jubilee #1404: Burchett, Morgan & 5ivespeed.