Cumberland Gap Connection

The Cumberland Gap Connection brings together the songwriting, vocal, and instrumental talents of four young bluegrass musicians from Kentucky and Tennessee. From its inception, the group’s efforts have taken a unique, hard-driving style of bluegrass to a new level, combining clever instrumentation with a distinctive knack for vocal harmony. Add to that the rigorous sincerity of songwriter Mike Bentley’s talented song-craft, as well as the fun sense of camaraderie shared within the band, and it’s easy to see how the group has won many fans and much critical acclaim in a very short time.

The current lineup includes Pike County residents singer and guitarist Mike Bentley and Rod Smith on banjo. Filling out the roster are Tennesseans Bryan Turner on bass and Clint Hurd on mandolin. While working with a new lineup since their Jubilee appearance, the group continues to enjoy playing the “old standards” in the traditional bluegrass style, while performing as much original material as possible. This balance in output fulfils what CGC sees as its two part goal—enjoying what they do while making the fans happy.

The group has three records—Grandpa’s Swing, Empty House, and Back on Track—and are currently recording their fourth with Grasstowne member Steve Gulley. For any fan of good Bluegrass music, Cumberland Gap Connection reveals a new group dedicated to the old sounds while staying true to its unique vision, forging ahead with its own style.

This artist appears in Jubilee #1407: Cumberland Gap Connection.