The Moron Brothers/Billie Renee and Cumberland Gap (#804)

Mike Carr and Mike Hammond are Lardo and Burley, writers of hilarious songs and performers of musical antics. Billie Renee has a voice that just naturally lends itself to that haunting, high-lonesome sound of bluegrass.

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Who says grinnin’ has to take a back seat to pickin’ when it comes to enjoyable bluegrass music? This edition of Jubilee features the comical Moron Brothers as well as the more traditional sounds of Billie Renee.

Mike Carr and Mike Hammond, otherwise known as Lardo and Burley Moron, respectively, are writers of hilarious songs and performers of musical antics. The two men are favorites at bluegrass festivals and special events of every description—wherever people enjoy good music and down-home comedy. Their performance features many original songs, distinguished by funny lyrics and toe-tapping tunes.

Then Billie Renee takes the stage to showcase her haunting voice, which possesses a high-lonesome resonance that naturally lends itself to the sounds of traditional bluegrass. Her biggest influences are Dolly Parton and Alison Krauss, and their contribution can easily be heard in her singing style. She is joined by her band, Cumberland Gap.