The Dean Osborne Band (#1005)

The strong, clarion voice of Dean Osborne is backed by a solid, straightforward bluegrass band.

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As a bandleader, Dean Osborne strives to use all the talents of his members—in this case, John Widener, Matt DeSpain, and Richard Bennett. “Each band member has his own unique style and yet can work in a group situation,” Dean explains. In this performance, taped at the 2004 J.D. Crowe and the New South Festival in Wilmore, KY, that blending of individual talent is polished to perfection in selections like “Blue Moon of Kentucky,” a sweet number played in Osborne’s inimitable style.

Osborne began his own musical career at age 5, learning to play the piano from his father. He fell in love with bluegrass music while attending a concert by his cousins, the legendary Osborne Brothers. After receiving his first banjo at age 14, he devoted himself to bluegrass and never looked back. He has upgraded his instrument several times and now plays a limited-edition Osborne Chief model custom-made by Kentuckian Frank Neat.

As performer and co-founder of several music festivals, such as the Red Mule Bluegrass Festival, the Osborne Brothers Hometown Festival, and the J.D. Crowe Festival visited in this edition of Jubilee, Osborne has shared the stage with some of the most respected names in bluegrass music, including Crowe, the Osbornes, and Ralph Stanley.