Hog-Maw Blues Band (#1008)

Indiana music veterans dish up some spicy-hot blues.

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In this performance, the music veterans of the Hog-Maw Blues Band from Evansville, IN put together well-synchronized instrumentals and vocals to produce a raw and exciting sound. Band members Jon Snyder, Larry Snyder, Chris Chrockram, Jeff “Whip” Maricle, and Bob Green play original numbers as well as songs from several different musicians.

The band’s self-titled debut CD reflects that same mix, with progressive elements as well as inspiration from T. Bone Walker and Freddie King. Hog-Maw’s influences also include sounds of late-1960s and early-’70s bands such as the Allman Brothers.

Drummer Chris Chrockram first heard the term “hog maw” while watching the movie Fridays. After discovering that it meant stuffed hog belly, a soul food, the guys decided that they liked it, and the name stuck.