The Crawdaddies (#1010)

Cajun, zydeco, funk, swing, soul, reggae, roots, and rock fuse into a groove-laden sound all its own.

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The foundation of the Crawdaddies’ sound is the accordion played by Kraig Greff, who is also an accomplished session pianist. The band’s other road-seasoned players are Jay Corey (guitar, vocals, rub-board), Chris Huntington (guitar, vocals), Tim Steele (drums), and Darryl Matarozza (bass and vocals).

Though you might not guess it from their Cajun flair, the Crawdaddies are based in Baltimore, where the band was founded in 1995. Borrowing liberally from several different sources to produce a unique, eclectic sound, the Crawdaddies have shared the stage with a wide range of artists, including Buddy Guy, Jimmy Cliff, and Reel Big Fish, and are a regular fixture on the national college and festival circuits.