Debbie Davies (#1021)

A certified “exceptional” blues guitarist.

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To British blues pioneer John Mayall, Debbie Davies is something extraordinary. “I believe that my reputation backs up my ability to recognize exceptional blues,” he says, “and Debbie Davies is such an exception.” Fans of electric blues can hear why on this Jubilee program recorded live at the 2004 W.C. Handy Blues and Barbecue Festival in Henderson.

A native of Los Angeles, Davies inherited an interest in music from her father, who wrote arrangements for Ray Charles and worked on recording sessions with Frank Sinatra. After performing in rock and blues bands in the San Francisco area throughout the early 1980s, she returned to Southern California to play lead guitar with Maggie Mayall and the Cadillacs, an all-female R&B band led by John Mayall’s wife.

In 1988, Davies got the chance to study under another blues legend when she joined Albert Collins and the Icebreakers. For the next three years, she was a featured guitarist, performing alongside one of the most innovative players of all time.

Since forming her own group in 1993, Davies has recorded several albums and won a W.C. Handy Award for best contemporary female blues artist of 1997.

Davies brings both her years of experience playing with some of the foremost contemporary blues musicians and her own unique sensibility to the blues. Her live shows blend highly skilled, classic electric blues sounds with elements of rock ’n’ roll and soul and her considerable talents as a singer/songwriter and performer.

Davies’ band for her Jubilee debut features Don Castagno, Roy Rodriques, and A.J. Hager.