The Farewell Drifters/Blue Moon Rising (#1304)

Two Tennessee bands perform classically inspired yet original bluegrass.

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This edition of Jubilee features two rising stars on the bluegrass scene: the Farewell Drifters, a group of young songwriters who blend traditional instrumentation with an exceptional sense of songcraft and presentation, and Blue Moon Rising, whose members successfully combine influences and innovation to create a unique brand of bluegrass.

Drifting from Monroe Brothers-style duets to the sonic sounds of the Beach Boys and Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young, the Nashville-based Farewell Drifters focus on playing songs with great precision and poise. While bluegrass remains their main expressive vehicle, other influences, such as Clarence White, Gram Parsons, and even Bob Dylan, can be heard in the Drifters’ sound. This stylistic freedom gives the group’s music a youthful sense of adventure.

East Tennessee’s Blue Moon Rising performs original, classically crafted bluegrass songs that maintain a stylistic unity with the pioneering sounds of older artists while bringing innovation and a keen observance to the form. The group garnered international recognition with the release of the album On the Rise, which debuted at #14 on the Billboard Bluegrass Chart in 2005 and stayed on the chart into 2007.

The fresh perspectives on bluegrass music exhibited by these rising young stars is sure to entertain bluegrass fans from both the traditional and contemporary camps.

This program was recorded at: River of Music Party