The Bluegrass Strangers

The band may be called Bluegrass Strangers, but its members are now familiar faces to fans who relish the traditional bluegrass sound.

The Strangers, led by five-string banjo picker Dick Webb and his clawhammer style, deliver a uniquely traditional approach to bluegrass. Rhythm guitarist Jimmy Lykins, mandolin player Chris Davis, guitar player Wes Davis, and upright bassist Frank Carver combine to create a solid, energetic sound topped off with enchanting, harmonious vocals.

Jubilee presents the Strangers in performances from IIIrd. Tyme Out’s annual Poppy Mountain Bluegrass Festival in Morehead, KY.

This artist appears in the following Jubilee programs:

The Bluegrass Strangers/Unlimited Tradition (#114)
Two young bands bring their tradition-based brands of bluegrass to the stage.
Bluegrass Strangers (#308)
Familiar “Strangers” visit Jubilee with their trademark traditional bluegrass sound.