Bill Perry

Talented songwriter, soulful singer, and fiery guitar player Bill Perry is among the best of a new generation of blues performers. Perry put in a long apprenticeship under folk-rock singer Richie Havens throughout the 1980s. Then, in 1995, Point Blank/Virgin Records signed him to his own five-album deal. (He now records on the Blind Pig label.)

The bluesman from upstate New York made a memorable first impression with his Point Blank Records debut, Love Scars. The 1995 album’s go-for-broke intensity, reminiscent of Perry’s blazing live shows, showcased his gutsy vocals, songwriting, and guitar ferocity while earning praise from all corners. Guitar Player declared it “an astounding solo debut.”

Bill’s subsequent recordings include Greycourt Lightning, High Octane, Fire It Up, and Crazy Kind of Life. Released in October 2002, Crazy Kind of Life further established him as one of the strongest practitioners of hard-edged, urban blues/rock.

This artist appears in Jubilee #311: Bill Perry.