Tutu Jones

Tutu Jones, born and raised in South Dallas, TX, was totally immersed in the blues from infancy. His father, Johnny B. Jones, was a guitar player and drummer and a long-time friend and band member of the legendary Freddie King. And his uncle L.C. was a fine guitar player in his own right. As a child, Tutu was surrounded by at-home jam sessions featuring blues luminaries such as Ernie Johnson and Little Joe Blue—and by the time he was 4, he was joining in himself on drums. “Next thing I know, I’m playing drums in some club in Southeast Dallas,” he recalls.

Jones turned pro as a member of R.L. Griffin’s band and spent time as the drummer for Z.Z. Hill, Al “TNT” Braggs, and some of the performers he had met as a child. One night, at a gig in Dallas, old friend Joe Blue told him he should be fronting his own band. Not long after, Tutu started showing up at the myriad blues jams in the clubs in North Dallas.

Jones’ first CD, I’m for Real, was released in Europe in 1994. He followed up that debut with Blue Texas Soul in 1996 and Staying Power in 1998.

Though his influences are certainly distinguished, Tutu Jones is more than the sum of those influences. He is first and foremost an individualist, putting a very personal stamp on every note he plays and every syllable he sings.

This artist appears in Jubilee #314: Tutu Jones/Michael Burks Band.