Michael Burks Band

Like a freight train rolling through the night, guitarist/vocalist Michael Burks plows through the blues with power and a full head of steam. Combining his talent with a dedication to his craft, Michael has earned national recognition and become one of the blues world’s fastest-rising stars. Although he was a W.C. Handy Award nominee for Best New Artist 2000, Michael is a seasoned veteran in every sense.

His first gig came at the age of 6, when, during a family trip to southern Arkansas, Michael took the stage with his cousin’s band and thrilled an unsuspecting audience. Today, each live performance is a testament to the 30+ years of playing the blues that Burks has since accumulated.

Burks’ first three albums were From the Inside Out; Make It Rain, which was called “a fresh blast of contemporary blues” by Alligator Records; and I Smell Smoke.

This artist appears in Jubilee #314: Tutu Jones/Michael Burks Band.