The Bad News Blues Band

The Bad News Blues Band was founded by Mike Blommer and a few friends in the living room of Mike’s sister’s house in 1992. After about eight months, Mike teamed up with Alex Flores to re-form the band that has since been called “Tucson’s essential purveyors of electric blues” by the Arizona Daily Star. When the band was featured on Dan Aykroyd’s House of Blues Radio Hour, Elwood Blues himself declared, “With the kind of sound these guys have ... the Bad News Blues Band is indeed baaaad.”

Bad News has played festivals and club gigs from Bisbee, Arizona to Moscow, Russia and continues to impress audiences with both musicianship and antics. Add in the positive reviews that greeted the CD Knockout!, and the band’s future looks brighter than ever.

Video clip from the Bad News Blues Band’s Jubilee performance

This artist appears in Jubilee #113: Long John Hunter and the Bad News Blues Band.