Dan Crary

He is a musical legend, a pioneer of one of the most intricate yet powerful forms of American music, and a master of the guitar. He’s Dan Crary, a flat-picking stylist with an international reputation for innovation, taste, and brilliance.

A native of Kansas, Dan found his childhood interest in the guitar turning serious during the late 1950s. His first musical performances, in Midwestern churches, established an enduring connection that continues to infuse his music with a spiritual dimension. “Call it God, call it divine, call it world spirit,” he says. “You can’t have an aesthetic experience unless you’re in touch with something real about the world that we don’t really understand.”

A long and distinguished recording career, featuring both solo projects and group efforts, has brought Crary acclaim as a versatile performer who is able to range from Mozart to Anglo-American fiddle tunes to moody, evocative original compositions. His Jammed If I Do (1994) was hailed as one of the decade’s great gatherings of guitarists, while his 1992 solo album, Thunderation, won the National Association of Independent Record Distributors and Manufacturers’ annual Indie Award for Best String Instrumental Album.

This artist appears in Jubilee #213: Sparky Rucker/Dan Crary.