Sparky Rucker

Internationally acclaimed for his soulful singing, deft blues guitar work, provocative storytelling, and down-home humor, former teacher Sparky Rucker offers performances that are rich in both educational content and entertainment value. He has been touring and performing throughout the U.S. and Europe for more than 30 years and has produced 14 recordings. Featured in two National Geographic Society videos, he has presented teaching workshops at the Kennedy Center and received numerous awards, including the Hurston-Hughes Award. Sparky’s programs offer lessons in African-American culture and history through narrative blues, traditional folk, and original songs and stories.

Sparky is known in music circles as a traditionalist. In addition to composing many tunes of his own, he has re-invigorated many popular songs of the Civil War era through his performances.

This artist appears in Jubilee #213: Sparky Rucker/Dan Crary.