The Karl Shiflett & Big Country Show

The Karl Shiflett & Big Country Show hails from Texas and presents an all-acoustic, traditional country music style dedicated to the preservation and performance of bluegrass music. With its unique, nostalgic approach (including the traditional one-microphone stage technique) and talent to spare, the band has earned a reputation as one of the most popular bluegrass groups in the nation.

The lineup for this Jubilee performance includes Karl Shiflett on lead vocals and rhythm guitar, Kris Shiflett on harmony vocals and acoustic upright bass, Jake Jenkins on harmony vocals and five-string banjo, Randy Lindley on harmony vocals and mandolin, Andy Ruff on harmony vocals and dobro, and Chuck Westerman on harmony vocals and fiddle.

Shiflett and the band have released three albums: The Karl Shiflett & Big Country Show (2000), In Full Color (2001), and Worries on My Mind (2003).