Adrienne Young & Little Sadie

Born in Tallahassee, Florida, Adrienne Young grew up in Clearwater, just west of Tampa. She moved to Nashville to attend Belmont University and to pursue her interests in country music. Previously a member of several folk-pop bands, her passionate singing, strong claw-hammer banjo skills, and deft songwriting began attracting attention in the city. After winning in the bluegrass category of the Chris Austin songwriting contest at 2003’s MerleFest for a song she had co-written with Mark D. Sanders called “Sadie's Song,” interest in her music quickly began to grow. Young graduated magna cum laude from Belmont University with a Music Business/Spanish degree. Endless and unfulfilling clerical jobs along Music Row motivated the triple-threat singer, writer and multi-instrumentalist to start her own record label, Addiebelle Music.

Little Sadie, Young’s band, features Tyler Grant on guitar, Clayton Campbell on fiddle and mandolin, Amanda Kowalski on bass, and percussionist Steven Sandler. Young’s skill at fusing old-timey string band sensibilities with modern pop overtones combines with the group’s knowledgeable and innovative talent to create tightly crafted songs that infuse a love for traditional American music with high contemporary energy.

The group has recorded three critically acclaimed albums, tours often, and performs at various festivals on the country music and bluegrass scenes. Audiences around the world have become acquainted with the delicate sound and visionary insights of Adrienne Young and Little Sadie, and the group continues to carry its original take on time-honored music to an ever broadening gathering of fans.

This artist appears in Jubilee #703: Adrienne Young & Little Sadie/Cadillac Sky.