Cadillac Sky

Cadillac Sky formed in Texas in 2002, the culmination of mandolin player, songwriter, vocalist, and bandleader Bryan Simpson’s effort to create a bluegrass band for the 21st century. Combining the talents of banjo player Matt Menefee, veteran guitarist Mike Jump, Ross Holmes on fiddle and vocals, and Andy Moritz on bass and vocals, Cadillac Sky stands fit for the task.

The group’s propulsive brand of bluegrass offers a marriage of tradition and innovation, respectfully approaching classical forms while fully promoting their own unbridled musical curiosity. Cadillac Sky’s repertoire blends the traditional sounds of Bill Monroe era bluegrass and a colorful pop song sensibility in the vein of groups like the Beatles with elements of free form jazz to complete their signature sound.

Hailed as “an overall feel of new energy and spirit” by, the group’s latest record “Blind Man Walking” collects a wide array of influences, distills them within the basic framework of traditional bluegrass techniques, and conjures up an image of bluegrass for the future. With a full schedule of tour dates in store for the rest of 2007 and into 2008, the band’s effort to bring this new sound to audiences emerges show after show in performances meant to engage bluegrass fans new and old.

This artist appears in Jubilee #703: Adrienne Young & Little Sadie/Cadillac Sky.