Bluegrass 101

Lead vocalist and rhythm guitar player Terry Waldridge formed Bluegrass 101 in 1994. Though he remains the only member left of the original group, he has consistently assembled and led a rotating group of players at all levels of musicianship—from beginners to award-winners. As a result, Bluegrass 101 presents a hardworking, down-to-earth and tightly practiced approach classic songs and original tunes.

Waldridge, raised on a Nelson County farm, began practicing bluegrass and composing tunes in December 1993, when his wife and children gave him a Yamaha guitar. After meeting Wendell Cornett, the owner of a Bardstown music store, his musicianship improved exponentially and, following his other major influences that included Bill Monroe, Flatt and Scruggs, and The Stanley Brothers, he put together a group of friends to start performing live. They chose the name Bluegrass 101 as a reminder of their humble beginnings and their passion for the traditional elements of the music.

The current lineup features Ben Read on mandolin, Cody Pearman on banjo, and tenor vocalist Jim Armstrong on fiddle. Together, the group not only performs traditional bluegrass classics, but also a collection of tender and articulate originals thematically focused on family, friends and the beauty and fun that springs from the simple life.

This artist appears in Jubilee #710: Bluegrass 101/Kentucky Sassafras.