Laura Love (#210)

Diverse influences add up to a strong performance.

When it comes to categories, Laura Love defies them all. For a while, she referred to her sound as “funkabilly.” Then when her first critically acclaimed release, Octoroon, came out, the label “Afro-Celtic” was given to her by an astute reviewer.

“I’ve got African blood, European blood, Indian blood, and it all comes out in the music,” says Love. “My body seems to have a memory for things I haven’t quite experienced. And I have a lot of curiosity about it.... I get glimpses of it that show up in my music.”

Daughter of Count Basie sideman Preston Love and winner of the 1999 Album of the Year award from GLAMA (the Gay/Lesbian American Music Awards) for Shum Ticky, Love is a performer not to be missed. Her appearance on Jubilee was taped at the 1999 Master Musicians Festival in Somerset, KY.