Sparky Rucker/Dan Crary (#213)

Two traditionalists bring their individual styles to the Jubilee stage.

Sparky Rucker is known in music circles as a traditionalist. This folk performer, a gifted songwriter in his own right, has also spent much of his career re-invigorating popular songs of the Civil War era. (Several examples can be found in KET’s own Old Music for New Ears, an instructional series that introduces traditional musical styles to kids.) Rucker has been touring throughout Europe and the United States for more than 30 years, combining soulful blues and expressive storytelling.

Dan Crary, known in music circles as “Mr. Guitar,” is famous for his flat-picking style. He has been a performing artist for more than 30 years and teaches guitar workshops when not touring.

Both Crary and Rucker were taped at the 1999 Master Musicians Festival in Somerset, KY.