Sofa King Deluxe (#224)

Kentucky-based band Sofa King Deluxe plays Chicago-style blues.

Sofa King Deluxe pumps out its own brand of blues, swing, shuffle, and boogie-woogie rhythms throughout this Jubilee performance, demonstrating the critically acclaimed sound that landed the band a spot in Memphis’ International Blues Challenge.

Chosen as the “Best Unsigned Blues Band” of 2000 by the Kentuckiana Blues Society, Sofa King Deluxe plays Chicago-style blues, drawing on material from the Prohibition era through the late 1960s. Native Kentuckians James Bellando of Berea, Mark McCoy of Pike County, and Jack Smith of Bybee, plus Jamie Potterbaum of South Carolina and Randy Eldridge of Traverse City, MI, formed the band in the fall of 1988. Potterbaum and Bellando had previously played some acoustic shows together.

Sofa King Deluxe’s appearance on Jubilee was taped at the 2000 Master Musicians Festival in Somerset, KY.