Deborah Coleman (#304)

A rising blues star soars with heavenly guitar playing and vocals.

Deborah Coleman may be a relatively new name on the blues scene, but her explosive guitar work and powerful vocals have made her one of today’s hottest young stars.

This episode of Jubilee spotlights the former nurse and electrician turned blues guitar slinger as she demonstrates the unique style that has put her in a musical category all by herself. Recorded at the W.C. Handy Blues Festival in Henderson, KY, Coleman’s superb performance led Chris Morris of Billboard magazine to write that she “very effectively stole the scene.”

Coleman’s recordings include the debut album Takin’ a Stand; I Can’t Lose; and Where Blues Begins, on which she performed with Luther Allison alumni James Solberg, Mike Vlahakis, and Robb Stupka. She explored new musical ground with a subsequent release, Soft Place To Fall.