Filé (#310)

Louisiana Cajun dance band Filé brings good times to the stage.

Let the good times roll! Straight from Louisiana, Filé brings its energetic mix of traditional Cajun dance tunes and innovative R&B to Jubilee.

Named for the ground sassafras that thickens a native Louisiana gumbo, Filé is a veritable musical institution in the Bayou State, combining the most powerful elements of the region’s musical legacies to perform songs from across the Cajun, Creole, and swamp-pop spectrum.

Straddling the traditional and the contemporary, Filé plays swampy, sassy rock ’n’ roll, blazing with bluesy roadhouse piano, string-bending Creole fiddle, bon temps accordion, and rock-solid rhythms. The band has performed in Louisiana dance halls since 1983 but is perhaps best known nationally for the breakout crossover success of La Vie Marron (“The Runaway Life,” 1996), an album that sways between high-speed zydeco, languid waltzes, vintage French tunes, and hard-driving original songs.

Filé serves up its customary blistering blend of innovative bayou blues and traditional Cajun dance tunes in this Jubilee concert, taped at the 2000 W.C. Handy Blues Festival in Henderson, KY. The performance illustrates why Geoffrey Himes of the Washington Post described the group as “one of the best Cajun dance bands in French Louisiana, where people of all ages still come out on a Saturday night to dance”—usually to the driving notes of the accordion.

Video clip from Filé’s Jubilee performance