The Krüger Brothers (#312)

A Swiss duo plays its spontaneous, exciting brand of bluegrass.

This edition of Jubilee presents the intriguing sounds of bluegrass, Kentucky’s contribution to music, as reinterpreted by a Swiss duo and brought back home to be performed on a Kentucky stage.

Jens and Uwe Krüger are two of Switzerland’s most accomplished acoustic musicians. Their career began back in 1973, and they have been performing professionally since 1979. The brothers cover a wide range of styles but specialize in bluegrass and traditional folk music.

Regular appearances on Switzerland’s National TV and Radio (where they had their own show for more than three years), extensive touring throughout Europe, and headline gigs at some of the most prestigious festivals in the Old World consume the bulk of the duo’s time. But Uwe and Jens also enjoy writing, recording, and teaching.