Adrienne Young & Little Sadie/Cadillac Sky (#703)

Two groundbreaking groups--Adrienne Young & Little Sadie and Cadillac Sky--bring their unique brand of bluegrass to the Jubilee stage.

Featuring two young and vibrant groups who push the boundaries of their bluegrass roots, this edition of Jubilee includes exciting offerings of classic tunes, contemporary styles and vibrant performances.

With three critically acclaimed albums and consistently entertaining performances on the country music and bluegrass scenes, audiences around the world have become acquainted with the delicate sound and visionary insights of Adrienne Young and Little Sadie.Young’s skill at fusing old-timey string band sensibilities with modern pop overtones combines with the group’s knowledgeable and innovative talent to create tightly crafted songs that infuse a love for traditional American music with high contemporary energy.

Cadillac Sky’s repertoire blends the traditional sounds of Bill Monroe era bluegrass and a colorful pop song sensibility in the vein of groups like the Beatles with elements of free form jazz to complete their signature sound. hailed the group as “an overall feel of new energy and spirit.”

These performances serve as excellent illustrations of the contemporary directions that artists are now exploring and expanding in the realm of bluegrass music.