Kati Penn/Relic (#704)

Distinctive approaches to bluegrass from Lexington and Louisville bands.

Two groups of rising stars on the bluegrass scene exhibit their talents, skills and unique approaches to the traditional style on this edition of Jubilee.

At the age of 12, Kati Penn played fiddle and sang lead vocals for the Young Acoustic All-Stars, a band created by Pete Wernick, president of the International Bluegrass Music Association. She was the youngest of the musicians—and the only girl. Now she leads her own band. Drawing from her experience as a stage performer, recording artist, and fiddle teacher while leading a group of talented, enthusiastic musicians, Penn and crew have developed a truly unique sound well steeped in the folk and bluegrass traditions.

Louisville’s Relic continues to impress audiences with its well developed use of harmony vocals, as each member provides a key tone to the overall vocal unity. The group’s overall sound is truly modern in scope while accurately assimilating traditional influences. In it you can hear everything from Flatt & Scruggs to J.D. Crowe. Playing in and around Louisville, as well as touring the bluegrass festival circuit, these fellows surely bring an exciting new attitude to the style.