Dan Paisley & The Southern Grass (#705)

Dan Paisley & the Southern Grass carry on the bluegrass tradition of the Paisley and Lundy families.

This edition of Jubilee features Dan Paisley & the Southern Grass, a group whose work follows in a direct lineage of bluegrass musicians and their handiwork.

For over 35 years, members of the Paisley and Lundy families, hailing from the mountains of southwest Virginia, have been creating a distinctive brand of bluegrass, combining impeccable instrumental work with powerful vocal harmonies. In the late 1960s, Bob Paisley teamed up with banjo player Ted Lundy to form the Southern Mountain Boys. Dan Paisley joined his dadís group in 1971 at the age of 15 and has developed into one of the most expressive vocalists in bluegrass music. When Bob Paisley died in 2004, Dan took over the group, renamed it Southern Grass, and continued the family tradition.

Encompassing over three decades spent weaving tunes from the threads of traditional bluegrass, Dan Paisley & the Southern Grassí Jubilee performance carries on his familyís art of making music.