Timberline Drive/Jake Quesenberry & the MacRae Brothers (#709)

Bowling Green's Timberline Drive and bluegrass legends Jake Quesenberry & The MacRae Brothers bring their skilled expertise to the Jubilee stage.

Two groups of hardened veterans--Timberline Drive and Jake Quesenberry & The MacRae Brothers--while sharing a love of traditional bluegrass, approach the genre from two different avenues.

Timberline Drive reveals the true meaning of hard-driving bluegrass--the result of years of performing and recording together and with other well known groups.

Hailing from Bowling Green, the group features Louise Miles on bass, Earl Grubbs on dobro, Randy Saltsman on banjo, and Joel Whittinghill on fiddle and mandolin. Each member plays his or her instrument with a masterful effort, demonstrating a depth of knowledge in the history of bluegrass and a desire to carry this cherished tradition to audiences.

The MacRae Brothers bring their “brotherly” love of bluegrass to the stage. Their old-time country “brother duets,” featuring guitar and mandolin, return to a classic technique originally popularized by groups such as the Monroe Brothers, the Delmore Brothers and the Louvin Brothers. Following the same tradition as their predecessors, the MacRaes regularly share their “brotherly” music with friends and fans all over Northern California at bluegrass festivals, concerts, private parties, BBQ joints and cafes alike. Using closely harmonized vocals accented only with guitar and mandolin, the technique appears somewhat minimal, but delivers consistently entertaining shows filled with jokes, stories and simply beautiful old-time music.

The group’s performance was the last to feature Jake Quesenberry, due to his death in 2007. Jubilee is proud to present the final performance of this distinguished and devoted bluegrass musician.

Audiences of all ages can appreciate the no frills, traditional bluegrass of Timberline Drive as well as the classic style and good-humored approach of the MacRae Brothers, both groups giving spirited perfomrances on the Jubilee stage.