Bluegrass 101/Kentucky Sassafras (#710)

Homegrown bluegrass from two Kentucky-based bands, one made up of teenagers.

This edition of Jubilee gets back to basics with the homespun bluegrass of Terry Waldridge’s Bluegrass 101 and a group of young and talented musicians, Kentucky Sassafras.

Lead vocalist and rhythm guitar player Terry Waldridge formed Bluegrass 101 in 1994. Though he remains the only member left of the original group, he has consistently assembled and led a rotating group of players at all levels of musicianship—from beginners to award-winners. As a result, Bluegrass 101 presents a hardworking, down-to-earth and tightly practiced approach classic songs and original tunes.

Though most of the group’s members still go to high school during the week, Kentucky Sassafras’ knowledge and skill within the traditions of bluegrass music remains astounding even to musicians whose careers span decades. Equally unique, the group’s tightly knit yet easy-going formula delivers time and again a powerful musical focus within a light hearted and playful love of bluegrass.

These performances from Bluegrass 101 and Kentucky Sassafras for Jubilee remind us that the real origins of good bluegrass music are the warm memories of home and the family and friends we meet there.