Springtime in Kentucky — And They’re Off!

KET documentary -- "Thoroughbred" follows a year in the life of this storied horse, showcasing the beauty of the breed, revealing the people whose lives revolve around the racing industry, and exploring the history and traditions of the Thoroughbred world.

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Comment on Kentucky

Big Money in GOP Governor’s Race

What would you do to land a job that pays $139,000 a year? Would you spend a million dollars? Of your own money? This weekend on "Comment on Kentucky," the panel reviewed the new campaign finance reports for candidates for state office, and found some sizable personal investments in the race for governor.

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Kentucky Afield Spring Fishing Call-In

Where the Fishing is Good

Tim Farmer and experts from the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources answer viewers' questions about fishing.

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Kentucky Life

SS Sultana: The Greatest Maritime Disaster in U.S. History

The greatest maritime disaster in U.S. history occurred on April 27, 1865, when the SS Sultana exploded on the Mississippi River and an estimated 1,800 passengers died, including 194 from Kentucky.

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One to One with Bill Goodman

Kim Baker of KCA: Keeping the Arts Accessible and Relevant

Kim Baker recalls watching the gala grand opening of the Kentucky Center for the Performing Arts when she was a child. Her television flashed pictures of Charlton Heston, Jessye Norman, Douglas Fairbanks, Jr., and other celebrities walking the red carpet into the shiny new performing arts complex that opened in downtown Louisville in 1983. The venue is known as the Kentucky Center, or Kentucky Center for the Arts, or simply, KCA.

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What Does Every Teen Need?

In this KET Special Report, we examine the unique challenges facing teenagers in today's society and explore strategies that ensure every adolescent arrives at adulthood protected and prepared.

Kentucky Collectibles

Come to the 4th Annual Appraisal Fair

Should you toss or keep that old lamp in the attic?  What about your great-uncle's cufflinks -- should they be in the wall safe? Wonder no more about the value of ...

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Louisville Life

The Thomas Merton Story

"Louisville Life" explores the Thomas Merton story, including a visit to Bellarmine University, the official repository of his archives. Also Part 4 of the ongoing series on the city's Olmsted Parks, the Little Loomhouse, and Mark Wourms, executive director of Bernheim Forest, talks about YES! Fest, (a Year of Environment and Sustainability).

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Kentucky Writers Hall of Fame Ceremony 2015

Wendell Berry Celebrates Fellowship of Kentucky Writers

As the first living author to be inducted into the Kentucky Writers Hall of Fame, Wendell Berry has the privilege to celebrate the wealth of literary talent the state has been able to offer.

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Kentucky Life

Take a Stroll Down Kentucky Main Street

Since 1979 the Kentucky Main Street Program has been helping to revitalize downtowns both large and small. "Kentucky Life" visits some of these communities where the program is making a big difference.

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