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Kentucky Afield

Remembering Hope Carleton

"Kentucky Afield" pays tribute to Hope Carleton, who was the host of the outdoors television program for 23 years. Carleton passed away in February at the age of 89.

Kentucky Collectibles

Come to the 4th Annual Appraisal Fair

Should you toss or keep that old lamp in the attic?  What about your great-uncle's cufflinks -- should they be in the wall safe? Wonder no more about the value of ...

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Kentucky Life

Eastern Kentucky PRIDE Inspires Caring for the Earth

Kentucky Life explores the work of Eastern Kentucky PRIDE (Personal Responsibility In a Desirable Environment), an initiative started in 1997 by Congressman Hal Rogers and the late General James Bickford. Their vision was to encourage citizens to take responsibility for protecting the environment and provide the education and resources they need to do so.

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Basketball in Kentucky—Great Balls of Fire

Vintage Videos: UK Ascendancy Began with The Fabulous Five

Before there were one-and-dones, "The Fabulous Five" set the tone for the University of Kentucky men's basketball team's supremacy on the hard court. Former players remember their time on the team in this 2001 KET production.

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Severe Weather: Staying Safe

Shooting the Breeze: Experts Discuss Severe Weather Preparedness

Will March start like a lion and end like a lamb? Whether it does or doesn't, experts during the annual call-in "Severe Weather: Staying Safe" will help you be prepared for dangerous weather situations.


Springtime in Kentucky — And They’re Off!

KET documentary -- Thoroughbred follows a year in the life of this storied horse, showcasing the beauty of the breed, revealing the people whose lives revolve around the racing industry, and exploring the history and traditions of the Thoroughbred world.

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Louisville Life

Architect Graves Left His Mark on Louisville Skyline

A section of the Louisville skyline can now be viewed as a type of memorial for architect Michael Graves, who passed away on March 12. Graves meticulously designed the 26-story Humana Building on Main Street.

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Kentucky Life

Vintage Video: Owens Folk Art/Tom T. Hall

You're in for a vintage video treat. Back in 1998 Kentucky Life introduced us to the colorful primitive paintings and graceful willow furniture of folk artists Ron and Janice Owens of Rockcastle County. Then host Byron Crawford sat down for an interview with country music legend Tom T. Hall. Music in this segment includes "Country Is," "I Love," "Local Flowers," and "Bill Monroe for Breakfast."

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Kentucky Life

Icelandic Horses: A Simple Twist of Gait

The Icelandic horse comes in a number of colors. They have five natural gaits - a rarity among horses - and are fit for any any riding occasion.

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Kentucky Life

Something’s Brewing

The country is awash in the craft beer craze, and Lexington, Kentucky, is no different. Four microbreweries have opened in as many years, each offering distinct, full-flavor beers.

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