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2014 Fair Appraisers

• Clark Art and Antiques • Cowan's Auctions • Cross Gate Gallery • Farmer's Jewelry • Garth's Auctions • J. Sampson Antiques and Books • Mike's Music • Nussbaum Antiques • Richard Mook • St. John and Myers

People from across Kentucky brought their treasures to KET's Appraisal Fair at the Frazier History Museum in Louisville on July 26, 2014. With our cameras rolling, expert appraisers talked to participants about their prized possessions. This candid footage was used in the making of the third season of Kentucky Collectibles, hosted by Dave Shuffett and Amy Hess.

On the next broadcast of Kentucky Collectibles, expert appraisers examine 1940s Gibson ukulele and an American long rifle with a stunning value. Plus, learn more about the Frazier History Museum in downtown Louisville. • Saturday, Nov. 22 at 4:30/3:30 pm on KET

Videos from Season 3

  • Watch Episode 303. Featured are a 1940s Gibson guitar, a high school yearbook autographed by Elvis Presley, and a couple of antique cars with heartwarming family story behind them.
  • Watch Episode 302. Featured are Victorian mourning items, Kentucky college sports memorabilia, and a 1911 Colt Single Action revolver.
  • Watch Episode 301. Featured items include a Harvey Joiner painting and a signed Neil Armstrong photograph. Amy Hess travels to the Kentucky Folk Art Center in Morehead for a look at the Chester Cornett rocking chair exhibit.

2015 Appraisal Fair

If you've wondered whether to toss or keep that old lamp in the attic or if your great-uncle's cufflinks should be in the wall safe, bring them for appraisal to KET's next taping of Kentucky Collectibles. The next appraisal fair and the recording will be held Saturday, May 30, 2015, at the Frazier History Museum in Louisville.

When you donate $100 to KET, you are guaranteed one ticket to our appraisal fair on Saturday, May 30, 2015, at the Frazier History Museum. One ticket allows one person to bring in up to two items to be appraised by our experts. Plus, your story and treasure may be featured on the fourth season of KET's Kentucky Collectibles. The Frazier History Museum is located at 829 West Main Street in Louisville.

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Video Archives

Heirloom Jewelry


Videos from Season 2:

  • Watch Episode 207. Featured items include a Benjamin Mills Rifle. Host Dave Shuffett goes privy digging in search of treasures such as antique bottles and more.
  • Watch Episode 206. Featured items include Conway Twitty space memorabilia, and a Winchester Yellowboy rifle.
  • Watch Episode 205. Featured items include limited edition etchings and Nardi jewelry.
  • Watch Episode 204. Featured items include a Kentucky handmade doll collections and a visit with Jeff Jeffers of Garth's Auctions.
  • Watch Episode 203. Featured items include an aviation movie poster, a Harlem Renaissance silk screen, and a guitar collection.
  • Watch Episode 202. Featured items include a Steiff teddy bear, a Rose O'Neill illustration and a document signed by Abraham Lincoln.
  • Watch Episode 201. Featured items include folk art phonograph dancers, a Tiffany racing trophy, and a book with connections to one of Kentucky's beloved historians.


Videos from Season 1: