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Paw Pals

Youíve often seen host Dave Shuffett with his faithful companions by his side. Now, itís your turn to share your pet pics by joining our online Paw Pals community.
To submit pet photos to our Flickr gallery:

  • Join the Paw Pals Flickr group (youíll need a free Flickr account if you donít already have one).
  • Upload one or more photos of your pets
  • Include your petís name, your family name, your city or county, and a ďfun factĒ about your pet
  • Add your photo(s) to the Paw Pals group

View the Paw Pals.

A Letter from Dave Shuffett

Dear viewers:

My long-time co-host, a border-collie mix named Sadie, has died at the age of about 15. Sadie traveled thousands of miles with me back and forth across Kentucky and beyond. For nearly 11 years she rode in the vehicle with me experiencing the same sights and sounds that I did.

Itís hard to watch dogs grow old, but Iíve always said that at least they donít know theyíre running out of time. They just live each day to its fullest...ever trusting and loyal to their masters.

As I watched her face turn from jet-black to white over the years, I knew this day would come. But Iíll always have the memories of the dog I rescued from an animal shelter...the dog who would become my constant traveling companion.

And thanks to all of you who told me time and time again how much you enjoyed her presence on Kentucky Life as well as to those of you who submitted Paw Pals photos of your own best friends to the show. Although we are unable to continue using your photographs on the television show, you can still send your pet photos to our online Paw Pals community. We look forward to seeing them—and thanks for supporting KET and Kentucky Life.

Dave Shuffett

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