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Dave Does It!
Trophy Fishing Program 1912  » Video
Riverboat Simulator (Maritime Education Center, Paducah) Program 1902  » Video
Commonwealth Cleanup (Dale Hollow Lake) Program 1820  » Video
Single Action Shooting, Hooten Old Town Regulators Program 1819  » Video
Tree climbing (Earth Joy Tree Adventures) Program 1817  » Video
Penguins Program 1710  » Video
Roofing (Ray Nolan Roofing, Louisville) Program 1703  » Video
Baseball (Louisville Men's Senior/Amateur Baseball League) Program 1601  » Video
Broom making (Henson Broom Shop and General Store, Symsonia) Program 1608  » Video
Commercial fishing (Bencini Fish Market, Columbus) Program 1604  » Video
Farm gate manufacturing (Tarter Farm and Ranch Equipment, Dunnville) Program 1612  » Video
Milking cows (Alpine Hills Dairy Farm, Dry Ridge) Program 1619  » Video
Ballrooom dancing (Baker Hunt Art and Cultural Center, Covington) Program 1511  » Video
Concrete mixing (H.B. Stanley Concrete, Beaver Dam) Program 1519  » Video
Recycling (Lexington's Recycling Material Recovery Facility) Program 1515  » Video
Scrap iron and metals processing (Dahl & Groezinger Scrap Iron and Metal, Owensboro) Program 1504  » Video

Most past episodes of Kentucky Life are available on DVD from KET. Call (800) 945-9167 or e-mail .

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