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Vehicle Safety

aired live December 4, 2001

On this KET Kids’ Health Call-In, viewers asked our panel of experts about issues of vehicle safety for kids, from car seats for infants to teaching teens how to drive. Among the topics discussed were car seats and booster seats, all-terrain vehicle use by children, and teen driving.

Hosted by Melanie Glasscock, the program featured these panelists:

  • Susan Pollack, M.D.
    Pediatric and Adolescent Injury Prevention Program, University of Kentucky Children’s Hospital
  • Therese Moseley, R.N.
    Safe Communities Project Coordinator, Central Baptist Hospital, Lexington
  • Lisa Rudzinski
    Kentucky State Police Office of Public Affairs

How does Kentucky measure up against other states using the vehicle safety ruler? In October 2001, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety measured several safety factors and issued a state-by-state comparison. Here’s how it rated Kentucky:

Safety Issue Kentucky Rating
DUI/DWI Acceptable
Young driver licensing Marginal
Safety belt use Marginal
Child restraint use Marginal
Motorcycle helmet use Poor
Red light camera Poor

General Vehicle Safety

All-Terrain Vehicles

Graduated Licenses

Car Seat Safety

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